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Overcoming Dyslexia by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, M.D

Dr. Shaywitz runs the Dyslexia Research Center at Yale, which is one of the NIH research sites.  Sally and her husband Dr. Ben Shaywitz are at the forefront of the brain research and fMRI studies on dyslexia.  Dr. Shaywitz explains the latest brain research in parent-friendly terms.  It is a long book but worth reading or listening to on audio.

Basic Facts About Dyslexia & Other Reading Problems by Louisa Cook Moats & Karen E. Dakin  This book is a must-have guide for parents or teachers of a child who struggles with reading, writing or spelling.  It defines dyslexia and illustrates, with real-life examples, and explains how to recognize dyslexia and other reading problems at various stages of development, from preschool to adulthood.  The authors have selected the most significant research in the field to create this informative resource.  This book is only 115 pages long and is written in parent-friendly language.

Dyslexia 101: Truths, Myths and What Really Works by Marianne Sunderland While we do not agree with everything in this book, we found it to be comprehensive, very parent-friendly and cover the dyslexia basics.  What can you expect from this e-book?  How early intervention really does matter, what types of testing is available for dyslexia, tips for successfully homeschooling your dyslexic student, at home reading curricula (we disagree with some of her suggestions), navigating the public school system and more!

From Emotions to Advocacy:  A Survival Guide to Special Ed by Peter and Pam Wright  Peter Wright is one of the nation’s leading educational rights attorneys.  Every parent who has a child in the special education system (or may have a child in special ed. in the future) should read this book.  It explains how the system works and how to get what your child needs.

504 Plans: Section 504 and Public Schools by Tom C. Smith and James R Patton  You never know if public school will be a part of your child’s future.  This short book is written in everyday language and explains the value of a 504 Plan.  A 504 Plan provides classroom accommodations for students who are not in the special education system.  This book also explains what public schools need to do to ensure compliance now that parents and attorneys are becoming more aware of Section 504 requirements.  This is an essential book for parents who want to use outside testing reports to obtain a 504 Plan from their public school.

A Special Education:  One family’s journey through the maze of learning disabilities by Dana Buchman  Famous clothing designer Dana Buchman knew nothing about learning differences when her daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD and a motor-skill disability.  Dana’s ability to “fix” things was not enough.  She had to acquire a new skill set to see her daughter as a person with unique abilities.  In this intensely honest memoir, she shares her anxiety, guilt, frustration and anger in learning to deal with, and accept, her daughter’s issues.  This inspiration account will take you on her journey to acceptance and understanding.

Laughing Allegra:  The Inspiring Story of a Mother’s Struggle and Triumph Raising a Daughter with Learning Disabilities by Larry B. Silver

When Anne Ford, great-granddaughter of Henry Ford, learned that her four-year-old daughter Allegra’s “differences” were the result of severe learning disabilities, she faced a challenge that neither money nor position could ease.  Desperate for answers, Anne sought out doctors, teachers, counselors and others who could help her build a support network for herself and her daughter, while fighting the many common misconceptions and myths about learning disabilities.

The Misunderstood Child:  Understanding and Coping with Your Child’s Learning Disability by Dr. Larry B. Silver

Written in layman’s terms for parents, this incredibly complete paperback book discusses every facet of dyslexia as well as ADD, ranging from how IQ tests are given to someone who doesn’t read well, to problems to anticipate throughout the lifespan.  Dr. Silver presents both research and advice in all areas of one’s life affected by dyslexia.

I Have Dyslexia.  What Does That Mean? By Shelley Ball-Dannenberg

If your child has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia, and you are at a loss of how to explain it to your young child, or to her friends and teachers you will love this book!  Written by the parent of an 8-year old daughter with dyslexia this book is written in an upbeat positive manner and it explains why regular reading and spelling instruction did not work for her child as well as exploring the child’s many areas of giftedness.  The author is now a Certified Dyslexia Tutor and Screener, but she has not forgotten her own daughter’s confusion and worry when she was first diagnosed. 

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