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Dyslexia Resources – Math and Handwriting Assistance & Technology Tools

Math Assistance

TouchMath is excellent for teaching addition and subtraction without having to memorize.  Memorization is often a weakness for someone who is dyslexic. You do not need to buy their expensive full-color workbooks, instead just purchase their Demo DVD and you will see the logic of their approach and you can put your own dots on existing math worksheets.  TouchMath also offers TouchMoney and TouchTime.

Times Tales for Multiplication and Division Children with dyslexia have a hard time memorizing “random facts.”  Even after years of practice with flashcards and worksheets, they almost never manage to memorize all of the multiplication tables.  Times Tales works by turning each multiplication problem into an easily remembered story.  Numbers become familiar characters that cometogether in different story combinations. First, the child learns the stories, then, step-by-step, the story elements are peeled away.  Finally, the child is left with a basic multiplication fact but his mind is triggered to recall the story involving those characters, thus revealing the answer to the problem.  These stories add a fun visual element that is easy to remember due to simple black and white drawings that have no unnecessary details, but is easy for the child to recall.  What’s the best part?  It is affordable – only $29.95

Handwriting Assistance

Handwriting Without Tears This program is an excellent one for the younger student (kindergarten through 3rd grade).  Be sure to go through the HWOT training program, follow the necessary steps, and your child will be on the way to more readable handwriting!  (There is also an iPad app available.)

Technology Tools

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen This is very easy to figure out and use.  It is the first practical, affordable and VERY COOL solution to taking notes, whether in the classroom, lecture hall, business meeting, interview, etc.  (This is one of Chrisie’s favorites!)

NEO Keyboard (formerly AlphaSmart Pro) This less than two pound portable, battery-operated, virtually indestructible keyboard has a small display that provides an ideal way to take notes in class or meeting IF you know how to touch type.  This keyboard also has a built-in spell checker and you can print to a printer with an infra-red port.  When you get home, you can start your personal computer (Apple or Windows-based PC), open your word processor, plug in the Neo and watch your typed-in words fly into the document.  This is a lifesaver for people with dysgraphia.

Type to Learn Most children with dyslexia also have dysgraphia – extreme difficulty with the physical act of handwriting.  For them, handwriting is slow, tedious and many times painful from using too much pressure when they write.  Dysgraphic handwriting is also very difficult to read. One solution is to eliminate handwriting as much as possible and allow the child to type.  Typing allows a child to produce written work faster but it will take a dyslexic child longer to master typing than most children because it requires two weak areas – memorization and directionality.  Start teaching touch-typing NOW! 

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